Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Tropes I’ve Had Enough Of

I saw this prompt and I got so excited because boy! Do I have tropes that I’m so over. 

If you guys don’t know, Top 5 Tuesday is a tag created by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. It’s such a cool way for us book-lovers to bond and talk about things we love, or things we don’t love, about books!

So this week, the prompt is Top 5 Tropes I’ve Had Enough Of and guys . . . I’m ready. 

top five tuesday.png

1.) Love Triangles
  • If you have been here for a few reviews, you know that I really dislike most love triangles. The only exception to this is when the love triangle is beneficial to the plot in a way other than just conflict. A lot of love triangles I’ve read have a tendency to become the basis of the plot when it’s just a girl in the middle of two mediocre guys who are raising hell for no reason. Of course there are exceptions. Give me a love triangle like the one in the A Court of Wings and Ruin Series, and I’ll be fine. 
  • Fun Fact! I didn’t like the A Court of Thorns and Roses Series until one quote on page 141 (ish?) and then I finally understood what the hype around this series was. 
  • If you want to read about my opinions on the love triangles I actually enjoy and why, they will be linked at the very bottom!
2.) Insta-Love
  • You know what I don’t need? Characters falling in love at first sight. That doesn’t happen. You can become infatuated with someone from first sight or have a sexual/physical desire for someone at first sight, but love? Nah man. I’m not down for that.
3.) The Damsel in Distress
  • As a woman, it’s not surprising that I love strong, capable female mains so this should come as no shock to you all. Yes, there are times when woman aren’t all-knowing or powerful or what have you, but every woman has the opportunity to get to that point. Why, especially in the world we live in now, are some authors letting females believe someone else will always save them? No one is guaranteed a hero, so instead of making it seem that way, why don’t we show people, not just woman, that they have the potential to be their own hero. 
4.) Dystopian Based Novels
  • Okay I SWEAR I have talked about this somewhere before but I can’t for the life of me find out where so sorry! But here’s the gist. Dystopian novels really aren’t my gig. Some are okay but don’t tell me a story about a wall surrounding an entire city or fights to the death for no reason. If you want to write a story on something like this, I’d much prefer it in a historical setting (because we all know things like this have happened) than in a current or future setting. 
  • And finally, the one I am most HEATED AND PASSIONATE ABOUT. Stop! Romanticizing! Toxic! Relationships! I don’t care if it’s a man being “territorial” or a woman “being so crazy it’s sexy” — it’s still toxic and people shouldn’t be subject to that, especially given the high possibility the reader has been through something of the sort. There have been novels I refuse to read because of moments in them that demonstrate actions like abuse and rape are okay when they are most definitely not. 
  • That’s another thing. I don’t care if you have written the best novel — hell, even the next classic. If you write a scene in which you normalize rape/abuse or in any way, shape, or form make it seem like it’s okay, I have no respect for you as an author or as a person. These are things people go through daily and there are lines that you shouldn’t cross, especially when there are other ways to build conflict. Stop normalizing and downgrading other people’s trauma. 
  • Huff. Sorry about my heated mini-rant there. I’m pretty passionate about these types of things, as you’ll notice. 

Thanks for tuning into this weeks Top 5 Tuesday! Below will be the linksI said I was going to link (because I keep my promises). 

Happy reading and I will see you guys on Friday!

A Court of Mist and Fury Review


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